Claire's Childcare

Parents Comments

Jon and Katie

Our daughter is always full of joy and stories when she gets home from Claire’s. We love the way that Claire always keeps us informed throughout the day with details of what our little girl has been up to and how she’s feeling. Together with a constant stream of photos, it’s this contact that makes us feel part of her day.
Nothing is ever too much trouble for Claire; she is always willing to listen to our concerns at the door, have our daughter on extra days (if she can) and always exceeds our expectations. We always feel that she’s working in the best interest of our child. Claire is a God send and has made returning to work and the following years so easy and stress free.
Basically, we ❤ u

Collette and Sam

I knew straight away that Claire’s childcare would be the perfect setting for our daughter Aneira. Despite my worries about leaving Aneira and returning to work, Claire helped Aneira settle into her first childcare setting with ease.
Aneira has really flourished during her time at Claire’s. She loves spending time at Claire’s house and would attend more days if she could! Aneira always comes home telling us about the fantastic things she has done that day, whether it’s arts and crafts or visiting the local pet shop. Claire continually provides a range of creative and stimulating activities. We feel this has been an invaluable part of Aneira’s development.
Aneira has made a lovely group of friends during her time at Claire’s. Claire has helped Aneira understand the basic fundamentals of friendship such as sharing and taking turns. It’s clear the group of children who attend Claire’s house have built a strong friendship because of this.
Claire has done a fantastic job in supporting us as same sex parents. She has gone out of her way to make sure Aneira is comfortable and confident with discussing her family.
Claire does a fantastic job in communicating with us as parents. We receive frequent updates throughout the day, a written detailed record of what Aneira has done that day and also an in-depth conversation at pick up if needed. We couldn’t ask for more.
Aneira absolutely adores Claire. It is obvious to see she feels loved and safe while attending Claire’s house. We couldn’t have picked a better childminder and will always be grateful for the care Claire has given Aneira in the last two years.


My eldest daughter started at Claire’s just before she turned 2. She had previously been at a nursery and not settled well and cried every time I left her. We visited Claire’s and instantly knew Amelia would be happy there and she has never cried on leaving her in the 2.5 years she was there. She is now at school and is excited to return in the holidays. Claire offers a homely setting, full of love and fun with a great selection of toys, games and is very good at doing crafts and educational activities with the children. My youngest daughter has been with Claire for almost a year (since she was 6 months). She loves Claire’s and again has settled extremely well and happily waves me off in the mornings! Claire will happily follow routines already set and is so helpful with offering any advice if asked. We feel very lucky as a family to have found Claire and would highly recommend her to other families!


Isabella has been with Claire’s Childcare since July 2016 when she was 1.
Claire keeps in regular contact with Isabella’s well-being whilst in her care; whether missing mummy when she first started to toilet training and recent starting nursery pick ups. Claire is amazing with Isabella and I am so lucky that she looks after our little girl. Isabella has fun with the others and does so many activities and brings home lots of different things. I always know what she has eaten and look forward to reading her diary when I pick her up each session. Claire is flexible and approachable and I can’t praise her highly enough to have found such a fabulous childminder. A happy child is most definitely a happy mummy!


I cannot recommend Claire’s Childcare enough. Jacob has been attending since he was tiny and still at almost 7 loves going to Claire’s house. Even though I have not had to use Claire as much since Jake started school he still attends occasionally during term time and more over the school holidays.
Claire is the most organised person I know and has always involved the children in stimulating and creative activities, from making things to cooking, gardening and odd outings to pet shops or garden centres as well as the park.
She texts me during the day when he is there, which is a great reassurance and very much appreciated, and always provides feedback at the end of the day about what he has eaten and the activities he has taken part in.
Claire has a very calm and approachable manner and Jacob has become very fond of her. In fact I have trouble getting him to come home with me!
Claire is very flexible when it comes to fitting me in when I need her and is a pleasure to deal with.
I have total trust in Claire when she is looking after Jake and it is obvious from Jake that he loves going. I couldn’t wish for a better childminder, thank you Claire.

Passionate, caring, understanding, loving, Claire is everything that a childminder should be.
Her knowledge of child development, her relationships with the children and adults is outstanding.
My daughter sees Claire as her second mummy…. when I ask Gracie-Mae about Claire her response is “I love Claire, she makes me so happy!” On the weekends I often get asked “mummy am I going to Claire’s house today” then when I respond “no not today” Gracie-Mae says “oh I miss Claire so much!”
Claire is a true gem… a very special childminder who has shaped my daughters life, she will always be a special person in our lives… Claire is Gracie-Mae’s second mummy! We are so lucky and blessed. Thank you for being so wonderful xxx

Pat and Mo (Grandparents)

Claire is a very special lady, kind, supportive, always understanding and adored by her young charges.


I am so happy that Claire was recommended to me, as her service is exactly what I was looking for – in fact, she has exceeded my expectations. Claire’s friendly and helpful manor has made the whole process of settling George into his first childcare experience a pleasure for me and for George. The atmosphere in her home is calm and welcoming. George warmed to Claire straight away and has had no trouble settling in to her well planned routines.


León started with Claire when he was ten months old. Claire was always very quick to comfort and reassure León when I left him with her which made me feel more relaxed too. I felt guilty leaving León but throughout the day Claire would regularly text me which offered great reassurance.

It didn’t take long and León very quickly settled with Claire, he now can’t wait for me to leave in the mornings and often shuts the door for me to go!
Claire is fabulous with León she shows great dedication and enthusiasm in her role as a childminder, we couldn’t wish for a better childminder for León.

Rachel and Bryan

Jessica was only six months old when she starting attending Claire’s childcare setting. We were naturally worried about her settling in at Claire’s especially as she was so young, but our worries were very soon alleviated.

We can honestly say Claire has done an amazing job caring for Jessica. If we ever need advise (as we are first time parents) we can always talk to Claire and she will point us in the right direction. We don’t think of Claire as Jessica’s childminder but as a second mummy to her.

Jessica absolutely loves Claire to pieces and this means everything to us. We know that she is happy and well cared for in Claire’s care. Claire truly is an outstanding childminder and we are just so pleased that we came across her services. Jessica says in her own words “Claire, I love you all the world!”.

John and Sue

Our grandson attends Claire’s child minding service several days a week, and we have had contact with Claire on many occasions. These times are mainly when collecting our grandson from her home, and contact at the local nursery school where our paths cross.

Claire comes across as extremely friendly, easy to talk to, patient and very understanding of young children. She devotes her time to the children in her care and is aware of our grandson’s personality and his abilities. It is obvious from our grandson’s chatter and our own observations that she is extremely calm and a very capable childminder, and we have complete trust in her.
It is obvious that our grandson enjoys his time with her and it is noticeable of the progress he has made during his years with her. We feel her good influences and understanding of children a great asset. She reports daily on his activities, his eating , and sleeping etc, and of course this is very reassuring.

We see her on several occasions each week, where the children in her care always appear content and happy. She has been an asset to our daughter, she is a pleasure to talk to and deal with also extremely efficient. Claire is always very considerate and flexible to parental and grand-parental needs.


I am so pleased that we found Claire, she can only be described as a saint! Jacob loves going to Claire’s childcare and it is sometimes a struggle to get him to leave at the end of the day. I am very happy with the activities that Claire provides which are varied and educational.

Claire has excellent values and morals which Jake respects and brings home. She is extremely flexible and is always willing to help out when she can. Her calming manor shows through in Jake’s play. He has made great friends with the other children and refers to all as his best friends (including Claire).
I hope Jake will be with Claire for a long while yet as he is so happy. I am extremely grateful for all you do Claire. I can’t sing your praises enough!


Claire has cared for both my son’s, she is a wealth of childcare knowledge, I regularly asked Claire advice about nutrition, health and behaviour. She has an affection for all the children and childcare is more than a job to her, she enjoys the children’s company. She always has new activities, outings and creative play.

Claire is reliable, knowledgeable and affectionate. My children have always enjoyed going to Claire’s house, and I could go to work with peace of mind knowing my children were in the very best hands.


I cannot recommend Claire’s Childcare highly enough!
Our son Taylor started at Claire’s when he was just over a year. We had only recently moved to the area so had no recommendations on childcare options. I took Taylor along for an introduction and from the first moment we arrived I knew he would be happy there. Claire is a natural with children, she has a very calm, patient nature and is very welcoming, nothing is ever too much trouble. Her house has a lovely atmosphere and is filled with a wonderful variety of toys.

She is also exceedingly well organized and involves the children in many stimulating, creative activities as well as outings to various music and play groups. She records all their developmental achievements, takes pictures and fills a folder that creates a wonderful record of the children’s time in her care. Claire is very conscientious and diligent in her work. The daily diary gives you a very detailed account of the activities that Taylor has been up to and also what he has eaten and how he has been throughout the day.
Claire has a way of getting all the children to be inclusive and caring towards each other, they all seem to play well together and Taylor has made special friends over the years. Claire really works hard at creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the children, it is very much like a second family.

I could not have found a better place for Taylor to spend the years prior to going to school and he will be very sad when he leaves to go to full time education.
Quite simply Claire’s childcare is outstanding!


It is very evident that since our son Taylor has been attending Claire’s, he has flourished both as an individual & also from an educational perspective. He has been encouraged to be an individual who is confident, articulate & able to have a sensible conversation. Educationally, he can count to 20, recognise his name and other family names (mum, dad, the dog etc) plus he is able to write a ‘T’ and, with a little prompting, his name.
The most glowing recommendation I can make, however, is the fact Taylor is happy, well ahead of many children his age both physically and educationally, a lot of that can be attributed to Claire’s input.


My Son Jack has been attending Claire’s Childcare 2 days a week for 6 months. Claire’s was the first place Jack had been left for long periods of time without me or a close relative and I have never had a problem leaving him there for the day. Jack has always been more than happy to spend the day at Claire’s.

Each day Jack enjoys a variety of activities like cooking, arts and crafts, gardening and outings to the park and beach.

We are really pleased with Jacks development, especially since he started going to Claire’s. His speech and learning of new sentences and words has really improved. I’m really pleased with the services and learning skills that Claire’s Childcare has provided for Jack and I would highly recommend Claire’s Childcare.


Claire was the first on my fairly long list of potential childminders and Nurseries to visit, needless to say I didn’t need to visit anyone else and my only regret is that Theo is no longer spending any time with Claire and her delightful daughter.

Theo was only 8 months old when he started spending his Wednesday’s with Claire, I have to say that in the 2 years that Claire looked after him I knew he was in safe and caring hands. Claire has a very gentle and calm way about her, she is very capable and organised and her lovely home has a special atmosphere of magic and creativity for children to enjoy.

Thank You Claire, for taking care of Theo for us, we miss you x.